All Physiotherapist Doctors

Dr. Md. Tofail Hossain

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

PhD (USA), D-Ortho Medicine (Belgium), BPT (Dhaka), MPH (ASAU), CMT (India), McConnell Apros (LBP), Australia. Highly trained in Rheumatism, Paralysis and Osteoarthritis (Thailand). Specialist in Rheumatology, Paralysis and Physiotherapy.

Dr. Md. Shamim Hossain

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BSPT (DU), MS (Geriatrics & Geology, DU), PGD in Sports Biomechanics (BKSP), LA & NDC (India), SC on MSM (Australia), CP in Neurology (CRP).

Dr. M Easin Ali

Physiotherapist, Narayanganj

MPT (Neurological Physiotherapy), MPH (Dhaka), MS (Geritology and Geriatric Welfare, DU), Advanced Course on Disability and Autism (DU), Member, World Confederation for Physical Therapy (London). Consultant & Head of Department (Physiotherapy Department)- Pro-Active Medical College & Hospital, Narayanganj.

Dr. Md. Alamgir Hossain

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

PhD (Physio), MS (Physio, India), BSPT, ADIE (DU)- Resource Person, PGD (Medicine, Belgium), PGT (Mulligan, India). Specialist in Arthritis, Pain, Paralysis and Physical Therapy.

Physiotherapist Makbul Ahmed Belal

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BPT (NITOR), PGD in Exercise Physiology (BKSP), Acupuncture, Hijama and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specialist in Rheumatology, Paralysis, Disability and Physiotherapy. BPA Reg No- 0449.

Dr. Shariful Islam Masum

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

MPT (Orthopaedics), MPH, BPT (D-U-Nitor). Advanced Training - Advanced Manual Therapy, Musculoskeletal Pain and Disorders. Arthritis, Paralysis and Physiotherapy Specialist, Consultant - Islami Bank Hospital.

Dr. Sharmin Akhter

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BPT (DU), NITOR (Pangu Hospital), MPH (Dhaka), Trained in Manual Therapy (CMTB), Chartered Physiotherapist (CPT No-0118) Mulligan Concept India. Consultant-Physiotherapy (MBPA-0072) - Member Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association.

Dr. Rafia Afroz

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BSPT (DU), MPH (Dhaka), Spinal Manual Therapy (India), Laser Therapy (New Delhi, India), Bobath Approach (India), Management of Pain and Paralysis (PPWC), Management of Disabled Children (BCCW). Arthritis, Paralysis, Handicapped and Handicapped Specialist.

Dr. Md. Yasin Arafat

Physiotherapist, Rheumatologist, Dhaka

MBBS, PhD, MD, MPH, DOM, ADMU- MSK & Neuro Ultra Sound (BD). Advanced training-ortho, neuro, stroke, and trauma rehab (Nitor-Pangu). Highly trained – TCM (India, China). Ex Clinical HPT- Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka. Arthritis, Pain, Paralysis, Arthritis, Physical Therapy and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Ripon Kumar Ghosh (PT)

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

Consultant Physiotherapy, Govt. Reg: 030007, Ministry of Social Welfare. BPT (Dhaka), MPH (Dhaka), Ceriax D-Orthopedic Medicine (ETGOM, Belgium), Clinical Neurodynamics (ATA), Trained in Pediatric Rehabilitation (Thailand), Advanced General Medicine for Rehabilitation (D Ed). Specialist in Arthritis, Pain and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.

Md. Moniruzzaman Khan

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

PT, BPT (NITOR-DU), MPS-DU, PGD-Sports Science (BKSP) Consultant, Physiotherapy Pain, Disability, Sports Injury Rehabilitation Expert Ex-Consultant, National Hockey Team, Bangladesh. Ex-RO, CRP

Paramananda Roy

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BPT (Dhaka University Faculty of Medicine), PGD (BKSP). Experienced in Arthritis, Pain, Paralysis and Sports Physiotherapy.

Dr. Muhammad Belayet Hossain

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BPT (PU), PGT, DPT, Stroke, Rheumatism, Pain, Paralysis and Sports Injury Specialist - Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital.

Dr. A S M Mazharul Islam

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

PHD (India), MD (India), CMP (SU), PGT (BSMMU), BPT (DU), Trained in Ortho & Neuro Physiotherapy (NITOR), Consultant Physiotherapist & Departmental Head Physiotherapy Department, Diabetic Hospital (HCDP)

Dr. MD. Monsur Rahman

Physiotherapist, Natore

BPT (GB), MPT-Musculoskeletal Disorders (India), ABC Spine-Osteopathic Approach (India), CME-Parkinson Disease (India), (Arthritis Pain, Mechanical Pain, Paralysis, Physical Disabilities & Physiotherapy Specialist)

Dr. Chondon Kumaar Das

Physiotherapist, Khulna


Dr. Shahin Molla

Physiotherapist, Dhaka

BSC in Physiotherapy (Medicine Faculty, DU), Expert in Pain, Arthritis & Paralysis Physiotherapy