Nutritionist Laila Shahana Lipa

BCS (Hons), MSc (Food & Nutrition, DU), CND (Bardem), PGT, Bangladesh Academy of Dietetics & Nutrition, Special MCH Training - Dhaka Children's Hospital, Dhaka.

Food and Nutrition Specialist

 The diseases that are treated
Diet chart.
Guidelines for Fat Reduction.
Physical problems due to overweight.
Physical obesity / excess fat.
Excess fat in the blood(Hyperlipidemia).
Troubled treatment in pregnancy due to excess obesity.
Malnutrition problems.
Treatment of anemia / nutritional disorders.
Nutritional Disorders.
Maternal nutrition / Maternal obesity treatment.
 Doctor Consultation Fee

New Patient ৳1000 Tk

Old Patient ৳1000 Tk

 Chamber Schedule
Address  Medistar Hospital and Renesa Lab, Narayanganj.
     05:00 pm To 08:00 pm
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Time: 8:00 am To 9:00 pm
Saturday to Thursday