Dr. A. K. M Ferdous Rahman

MBBS (Dhaka), MPH (Nipsam), CCD (Bardem). Diabetes specialist. Consultant (diabetologist) - Pro-Active Medical College and Hospital, Narayanganj.


 The diseases that are treated
Diabetic Wounds.
Kidney Disease Caused by Diabetes.
Diabetes-Related Veins and Other Diseases.
Problems With Gestational Diabetes
Diabetes Patients' Sugar Growth and Decrease.
Diabetes-Related Dizziness and Unconsciousness.
Squeezing Body, Hands and Feet.
Congenital / Hereditary Diabetes Problems.
Besides All Diabetics Related Problem’s Specialist.
 Doctor Fee

New patient ৳ 700

Old patient ৳ 700

 Chamber Schedule
Address  Pro-Active Medical College and Hospital Limited, Narayanganj.
     06:00 pm To 07:00 pm
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     06:00 pm To 07:00 pm
     06:00 pm To 07:00 pm
     06:00 pm To 07:00 pm
     06:00 pm To 07:00 pm
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Time: 8:00 am To 9:00 pm
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