Assistant Professor Dr. Md. G. Kabir

MBBS, BCS (Health), FCPS (Surgery), MS (Urology). General, Laparoscopic and Urological Surgeons. Assistant Professor- Abdul Malek Ukil Medical College and Hospital, Noakhali.

General and Laparoscopic Surgeon | Urologist and Surgeon

 The diseases that are treated
Gallstone Operation.
Appendix Operation.
Piles and Fistula Operations.
Scrotal / One-Sided Operation.
Internal and Extracellular Tumor Operation in the Body.
Complex Operation of the Hands, Feet and Anus.
Specialists in All Types of Surgery Including Cesarean Operations.
Hernia Surgery
Stones in Kidney, Urinary Tract and Urethra.
Scrotum Small / Large.
Pain and Suffering of Testicles and Urinary Tract.
Excess Swelling.
Prostate Gland Surgery.
Kidney Pathologists Specialize in All Types of Kidney Diseases.
 Doctor Fee

New patient ৳ 600

Old patient ৳ 600

 Chamber Schedule
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