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Ways to get rid of gastric ulcers forever

Published : 9 February, 2021, Category : Lifestyle, Views: 2615
Gastric ulcer is a very common disease. And in medical language it is called peptic ulcer disease or gastric ulcer disease. However, to the common man, this disease is known as gastric pain, gas pain, stomach ulcer, esophageal ulcer, etc. Gastric ulcer is a disorder that is affecting more and more people due to poor lifestyle, irregular diet, carelessness and ignorance in food selection.
Symptoms of gastric ulcer disease
1. Heartburn,
2. Excessive hiccups,
3. Belching sour or bitter taste,
4. Feeling hot in the upper abdomen,
5. Pain in the back of the chest or spine,
6. Nausea and vomiting.
7. Loss of appetite,
You can easily get rid of this disease by taking medicine and changing your eating habits as per the medical advice. Let's know some easy ways to remedy-
1. Eliminate alcohol and caffeinated foods (eg tea, coffee, etc.).
2. Eat less fried and spicy foods.
3. Eat more marine oily fish. This is because such fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that help make prostaglandins. This prostaglandin helps dry out ulcers.
4. Do not eat extra salt (raw salt) with rice. This is because of the extra sodium in food salt
Helps in the formation of ulcers.
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables with vitamins A, C and E. All these vitamins help to dry the ulcer wound.
6. Avoid aspirin and painkillers. These inhibit prostaglandins. As a result, new ulcers are formed.
7. Drink plenty of water. This reduces the risk of ulcers as the excess acid becomes neutralized.
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