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Reasons and treatment for not having children

Published : 24 February, 2021, Category : Lifestyle, Views: 1935
After marriage, the couple's house will light up and the child will come - that is the expectation of the parents and other members of the family. However, after a few years of marriage, many do not see the child's face. Suffering from frustration with this. Not having children for a long time is called infertility. There are currently several types of treatment for this disease.
Let's find out the causes and treatment of not having children for a long time.
Reasons for not having children
The first cause of infertility may be polycystic ovary. There is a syndrome called follicular syndrome, where women are menstruating regularly, everything else is normal; But the egg that is supposed to come out as a result of that syndrome is not coming out and its rate is 25 to 35 percent. Where the percentage of polycystic ovaries is much lower. So the syndrome can be a big cause.
The second is PCO (polycystic ovary) where there are many cysts that turn into cysts and hatch into eggs. Many of these cysts do not burst and the egg does not come out, then he loses the ability to have children.
Being a child is another big reason. Uterus. Where there is a baby or an adult, there are two tubes on either side of it. This phedopen tube ends near the ovary. Eggs from the ovary come into the phedopen tube. There the sperm goes and fertilizes. Many times this phedopen tube closes and the main cause is infection. Women are more prone to infections and many do not treat it properly. That is why the tube is closed. And as a result, the egg cannot come and the sperm cannot go. This leads to infertility problems.
Other factors that increase the risk of infertility include:
1. Recently we have seen that both men and women do not want to get married without being self-sufficient. So many women are a little late to get married to strengthen their position in society. The risk of infertility increases when both are over 35 years of age. So plan for the wedding.
2. Excess weight is one of the leading causes of infertility. So follow a routine diet and walk less than 40 minutes every day. Excess weight reduces the number of sperm and causes various sexual problems.
3. Tumors also reduce sperm count. Therefore, if the tumor occurs in any other part of the body, including the uterine tumor, consult a doctor.
4. Smoking is harmful to health and a bad habit. So if you smoke, eliminate it. In addition, smoking reduces the secretion of sex hormones in both men and women and also reduces sperm count. So quit smoking.
5. One of the reasons for lowering testosterone levels is alcohol. So drinking alcohol increases the risk of infertility.
6. This problem may be due to emotional discomfort. Sperm count decreases due to mental discomfort. So do not take frustration or stress.
There are many types of treatment for infertility. In this case, you must take the advice of a doctor.
Author: Dr. Nusrat Jahan
Associate Professor (Abs-Gaini), Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Sirajganj.
Source: Jugantar


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