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Best Child Specialist And Surgeons Doctors List....

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  • 11 December, 2019,
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Child specialists treat all types of diseases in children from birth to 12 years of age. Find an experienced Child specialist/Pediatrician.

Best General And Laparoscopic Surgeon In Dhaka....

General and Laparoscopic surgeons treat all types of surgery. Find the best General and Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Best Endocrinologist-Diabetes, Thyroid and....

Endocrinologist- Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormonal Diseases Specialist Treat Thyroid Hormonal Problems like, Hyper Thyroid- Weight Loss, Palpitations, Excessive Sweating, Shaking Feet, Hypo Thyroid- Weight Gain, Watery Hands and Feet, Reluctance to Work, Beard-Goof in Women, Chest Hair, excess acne, hair loss in unmarried girls, breast milk discharge, pubertal problems - delayed or early pubertal diseases etc.